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Comprehensive Transmission Repair & Maintenance

Transmissions are responsible for transferring power to the wheels, it’s the reason why you can drive forward and backward, as well as control the RPM’s generated by the engine. Make sure this crucial system is always operating at its best by scheduling a repair or maintenance service with A-Z Transmissions & Exhaust in Lake Stevens, Washington. Our facility comes equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and the top automotive professionals in the industry to ensure only top-quality resources go into your vehicle. Learn how we can get the best out of your vehicle’s transmission system!

Do You Need Transmission Service?

What’s the best way to maintain the quality performance of your vehicle’s transmission system? Many people would say to have it regularly serviced and to practice good driving habits. But another thing that may help in maintaining the transmission system’s performance is to understand when it begins to suffers from wear-and-tear or failure. This allows you to jump ahead of any minor issues before they become major problems, which will help maintain its performance and keep money in your wallet. Here are a couple warning signs that you need to look out for.

Low Fluid Level

Unlike motor oil, which is consumed by your vehicle and needs to be refilled, transmission fluid is never burned up or consumed. If you get an indicator that the fluid level is low, that’s a sure sign that your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid. You may also notice a bright red, sweet-smelling fluid beneath your vehicle if there’s a leak. There are a variety of causes for leaking transmission fluid, ranging from worn gaskets to damaged housings, so you’ll need professional service to properly identify the cause and fix it.

Abnormal Movement

When you transition gears, it should be a quick and seamless shift. If you notice your vehicle is having a delayed response to your action or if it doesn’t latch on to the proper gear, you’re dealing with transmission issues. Like most problems with the transmission, there are a variety of causes for this issue and you’ll need professional assistance to help pinpoint it. This is not only frustrating to deal with, but it is dangerous as well, so we recommend scheduling service at your earliest opportunity.

Schedule Your Next Service

A-Z Transmissions & Exhaust offers a wide variety of repair & maintenance services to ensure your vehicle’s transmission is always performing at its best. Our automotive professionals utilize their years of experience and our state-of-the-art equipment to provide our full wheel of services with quality, care, and precision. Regardless of the issues, your vehicle’s transmission system is experiencing, our team can properly fix it the first time. Schedule an appointment by giving us a call at 425-397-6111 or visit our shop on 9015 Vernon Road, Building E. We’re across the street from Walgreens and Petco, and we can’t wait to work with you!