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About Our Shop in Lake Stevens, WA

Professional and Honest Service

Neighborly Service Nearby

Next to getting reputable mechanical care, it’s hard to beat finding neighborly service when you need auto repair. When you need transmission repair and related services, you can get both without compromising. A-Z Transmission & Exhaust in Lake Stevens, Washington, has operated as a family-owned establishment since 1996. Our scope of work also includes diesel, heavy-duty vehicles, and RVs. Moreover, we take care of other related repairs, including repairs to your auto’s torque converter and exhaust. To ensure the superior quality of our work, we keep current on our technical knowledge and maintain state-of-the-art equipment. We’re in a great location–easy to reach and near other places you likely also need to visit–at 9015 Vernon Rd, Bldg E, Ste 3 Lake Stevens, WA 98258. That’s just off WA-204 and the WA-9 rotary. Walk-ins are welcome during our regular hours of Mon-Fri: 8:00am-5:00pm, or you can schedule an appointment beforehand. Simply use our online tool or call us at 425-397-6111.

Integrity in All We Do

Still holding true to our founding principles, A-Z Transmission & Exhaust works from a core value of integrity. That means that we’re willing to hold honest conversations with you about what your vehicle does and does not need, and we complete the work you approve as it should be done. For example, we’ll help you determine what’s needed in regard to transmission fluid. Do you need a level check and a top-off? Will the manufacturer’s recommended fluid exchange do, or should you opt for, the more extensive fluid flush to ensure the thorough cleaning of your car’s unit? When the time comes for transmission repair, we’ll also help you sort through the options to determine the best course of action for you and your transportation. Choices include a transmission rebuild and a replacement. Although a replacement allows us to install an entirely new unit, a rebuild lets us replace only the damaged parts and seals. This is typically less expensive, less time-consuming, and enables you to retain the original transmission that came in your automobile. Regardless of your decision, you can count on our professional team to perform outstanding work.

Customer Relationships

As important as vehicles are to us, our professional relationships with our customers are even more paramount. That’s why  A-Z Transmission & Exhaust puts in place the policies and practices needed to ensure your confidence in our shop and to make your visit run smoothly. For example, we provide free onsite Wi-Fi and the option of after-hours drop-off/pick-up if that better fits your schedule. Also, we accept multiple forms of payment, including cash, most major cards, and financing options. Furthermore, we cover our work with either a 12-month/12,000-miles or 24-month/24,000-miles warranty. Ask us for details, or take a look at our Warranty page for more information. Finally, you can relax knowing that the Better Business Bureau accredits us and we hold membership in ATRA (Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association).