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Transmission Fluid Changes in Lake Stevens, WA

Why Transmission Fluid Change Matters

Hand pouring transmission fluid through funnel as for the good car maintenance

Your Local Partner for Service

When it comes to your vehicle’s transmissions, there are a couple of realities. First, you’ve got to have it. Your auto isn’t going anywhere without the transmission getting the power from the engine to the wheels. Second, that unit is going to need attention. Finally, having a local partner you can trust for transmission fluid changes and other important services is great. We’re happy to be that partner at A-Z Transmission & Exhaust in Lake Stevens, Washington. We’ve been serving our neighbors like you since 1996. Moreover, we provide the same reliable services for all makes and models, even RVs, diesel, and heavy duties. Thus, there’s no need to drive elsewhere searching for reputable help for your transmission. We’re near 9015 Vernon Rd, Bldg E, Ste 3 Lake Stevens, WA 98258 and the WA-9 roundabout and WA-204. Our technicians are here to assist you Mon-Fri: 8:00am-5:00pm. We welcome walk-ins, or you can schedule an appointment. Use our online tool or call us at 425-397-6111.

The Dirty Truth of Transmission Fluid

Perhaps you never thought about it, but your vehicle’s transmission fluid actually hides a dirty truth. It goes in fresh and clean, but it is subject to the wrath of time, mileage, and driving habits. Specifically, like any lubricant, transmission fluid cannot last forever. It breaks down over time, losing some of its protective value. It can no longer lubricate the moving parts or cool the unit as well as it once did. This is particularly true when the transmission and fluid are overheated, which can happen more easily if you tow heavy loads. What’s more, debris can get into the fluid over time. It occurs as tiny metal shaving sluff off the gears and other parts wear. The unclean fluid then circulates, potentially depositing trash or accelerating corrosion wherever it goes. That’s why it’s so important to have us change your automobile’s transmission fluid regularly. Many automakers have a schedule for this preventive maintenance service outlined in the owner’s manual. However, some do not. Besides that, the service interval may not be realistic. Your car may need a transmission fluid change sooner to maintain optimal function and maximize usable life. You don’t have to worry, however. We can help you develop a feasible schedule to keep your transportation protected.

Customer Conveniences and Services You Can Trust

A-Z Transmission & Exhaust has always been committed to professionalism and honesty in auto care. We’ll tell you the truth about what your vehicle does or doesn’t need, and we stand behind our work. Check our Warranty page to see if your repairs come with a 12-month/12,000-miles or 24-month/24,000 miles guarantee. Also, you can feel confident knowing that our shop is a member of ATRA (Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association), and the Better Business Bureau accredits us. Beyond those assurances, it’s convenient when you entrust your automobile to us for transmission fluid change. We have free onsite Wi-Fi, so you’ll never miss anything while waiting here. Also, if our standard hours don’t fit your schedule, you can take advantage of after-hours drop-off/pick-up. Further, we accept either cash or major cards, and financing options are available. Reputability and ease are great when your transportation needs transmission care.