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Transmission Maintenance Services in Lake Stevens, WA

Make It Last Longer with Maintenance

Your Ideal Transmission Shop

What is the ideal transmission shop? Is it one with experience? Should it be close to you? Does it need to care for all vehicles? Regardless of which question you’re addressing, the answer is yes. Fortunately, you’ll find your ideal partner for transmission maintenance services at A-Z Transmission & Exhaust in Lake Stevens, Washington. We opened in 1996 and acquired multiple decades of experience working on automobiles like yours. Actually, we can help with any transportation. We accept all makes and models, including heavy-duty, diesels, and RVs. We’re conveniently located nearby at 9015 Vernon Rd, Bldg E, Ste 3 Lake Stevens, WA 98258. That’s easy to find just off WA-204 and close to the WA-9 traffic circle. We’re open Mon-Fri: 8:00am-5:00pm, and walk-ins are always welcome. To schedule your time ahead, use our online scheduler or telephone us at 425-397-6111.

Transmission Maintenance Services You’ll Need

Like any mechanical component, your transmission is likely to last a lot longer if you follow a sound plan of maintenance services. For example, it’s a best practice to have us inspect your unit and related parts periodically for leaks. These can allow vital transmission fluid to seep out and unwanted contaminants to potentially get in. Also, it’s important that we monitor your transmission fluid levels. If there’s not enough, we’ll need to top it off to ensure the sufficiency of the amount. The need to fill often could also signal a leak. Further, we’ll help you follow your automaker’s instructions as printed in your owner’s manual and/or assist you in developing a schedule that’s right for your transportation if you drive under difficult conditions, tow a lot of loads, or have an aftermarket upgrade of an external transmission cooler. One service you’ll need from time to time is a transmission fluid change. As the name denotes, this means that the old fluid is drained and new put into your auto. However, it’s possible that old, dirty fluid can still be lurking in portions of the system. We can do a transmission flush if you’re experiencing early transmission trouble symptoms and suspect trash in the fluid or as a periodic maintenance point. A pump forces fluid through the system until all the old fluid is gone and only clean new liquid remains.

Transmission Service Made Simple

Getting transmission maintenance services shouldn’t be a hassle. That’s why A-Z Transmission & Exhaust’s team makes getting assistance simple. Come during our regular hours, or use our process for after-hours drop-off/pick-up. While you’re here, feel free to use our complimentary Wi-Fi. You can even choose how you want to pay. We offer financing options and take cash and most major cards. Even better, our services are as reputable as they are easy. Who says so? Your neighbors who are also fellow customers, the Better Business Bureau who accredited us, and ATRA (Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association), where we are a member. Depending upon your work, repairs are covered by either a 12-month/12,000-miles or 24-month/24,000 miles guarantee. See our Warranty page for more information or ask us for details. Our commitment to you has always been and remains outstanding professional transmission maintenance services completed with integrity.